Stem Cell Therapy

SkiingHope for a Cure.

It might be the job you have.  The sport you play. The genes you inherited. You may be just reaching middle age…or well into retirement.  Osteoarthritis doesn’t play favorites.

But treating a painful knee or aching hip does not have to mean joint replacement surgery. Instead you can turn to the healing power of your own body through stem cell therapy.

Dr. Nathan Wei has been a leading pioneer in using a patient’s own stem cells to regenerate cartilage where joints have lost that cushion. The program at the Arthritis Treatment Center is called the Guided Missile procedure, standing for guided mesenchymal stem cell layering technique. In a virtually painless procedure, Dr. Wei harvests up to 5 million stem cells from the patient’s pelvic bone marrow and combines them with platelet rich plasma and fat from the patient. He then uses precise ultrasound and/or arthroscopic guidance to inject the cells directly into the damaged articular cartilage. The results have been exciting, including a 80% success rate for knees as measured by pain relief and growth of new cartilage.

Once I decided to have the stem cell procedure, I was able to schedule it sooner than I anticipated. During the procedure, I experienced no pain and was able to watch and converse with staff during the procedure. After having had two prior orthopedic surgeries, I can tell you that the post-surgery pain was much less, and I did not have the negative effects of general anesthesia."

Kevin Nolan,
Riverhead, NY

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