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At the Arthritis Treatment Center, we are at the forefront of research efforts to make new medicines available to arthritis sufferers. But to arm physicians and other health professionals with cutting edge treatments, we first need clinical studies to determine if promising drugs are effective and safe.

The drugs are tested thoroughly in a laboratory before patients are allowed to use them. Then the drugs move into clinical trials, which rely on volunteers to gather information. The benefits to patients who choose to participate include the opportunity to test new investigational treatments before they become available to the general public, and receive free study-related examinations, laboratory tests and procedures.  Many studies will offer compensation to the volunteers for their time and travel.  Finally, participants are not locked into any contracts.  So, if desired, they can choose to stop the study at any time.

Here’s how clinical trials operate. They are conducted primarily in four phases:

After a clinical trial has been completed, some sponsors may decide to continue giving the treatment or medication to those patients who may have received relief and therapeutic benefits. In this case, the study is continued to further monitor the success or long-term side effects that may result. In other cases, patients will not be able to receive study medication until it is approved by the FDA and available for public use.

When a study ends all data is compiled and assessed. The safety, efficacy, and side effects of the drug are documented and reviewed for possible treatment, additional study, or submission for FDA approval.

Please consider helping us find a cure for arthritis. To find out how you can become one of our many clinical trial participants, call (toll-free) 1-888-71-STUDY.

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Being in a research study has made a world of difference. My pain has almost disappeared! My office visits are free, along with my medicine. Being in a research study doesn’t take a lot of time out of my schedule like I thought it would."

Steven R. McCullough,
Frederick, Maryland

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